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Changing Communities: Miami Realtors Join Chapman Partnership to Feed Homeless for Third Consecutive Year

MIAMI — MIAMI Association of Realtors (MIAMI) members and peers again fed dinner to 500 homeless residents in June 2019 at the Chapman Partnership’s Downtown Miami Homeless Assistance Center.

MIAMI takes great pride in helping and improving our beautiful community. We hope our volunteerism at Chapman Partnership will in some small way ease the plight of the homeless and inspire others to support the Chapman Partnership.

Chapman Partnership serves 5,000 homeless men, women and children each year. The Chapman Partnership — which runs homeless assistance centers in Downtown Miami and Homestead — empowers the homeless population through access to care, a nurturing environment and life-skills training.

Chapman Partnership has a 64 percent success rate of empowering people from homelessness to self-sufficiency. Since 1995, the partnership has had more than 105,000 admissions, including 21,000 children in Miami-Dade County.

Third Annual MIAMI Dinner for Homeless

This marked the third consecutive year MIAMI has hosted a dinner for the homeless. 

As part of the initiative, MIAMI toured Chapman Partnership’s Downtown Miami Homeless Assistance Center at 1550 North Miami Ave.

MIAMI and peers spoke with and got to know the homeless residents in attendance and assisted the elderly before serving dinner, which included a special ice cream dessert courtesy of MIAMI.

Miami Realtors Changing Communities Initiative

In 2018, MIAMI Realtors invested more than $175,000 in grant funds from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to improve our South Florida communities.

Through member engagement and feedback, MIAMI developed a list of local community projects that could have the most impact. MIAMI invited its 46,000-plus membership for a brainstorming session and more than 200 members contributed ideas and volunteered to help.

In 2018, MIAMI led more than 18 local community initiatives, including a dinner for the homeless at Chapman Partnership in Miami, partnering to install a Jupiter dog park, creating a shaded Doral trolley stop and more. Each project was led by the Realtor who proposed it and supported by a team of fellow Realtor volunteers and a Realtor partner (usually an elected official).

More MIAMI Realtors Changing Communities initiatives are planned for 2019.

MIAMI members can register to volunteer at our upcoming community events at:

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