Erez Aminov – Miami Realtor

About Erez Aminov: Miami Realtor

Erez sees himself as a real estate expert bringing together customers and homes that are meant for each other. His approach, he explains, is to present my client with a property that reflects their personality and expresses their inner self, one that takes there breath away every morning when they wake up and every evening when they come home.

A world traveler and real estate investor with 15 plus years experience who has dealt with people from many different cultures and walks of life, Erez offers customers a world view based upon their individual tastes. He first gets to know and understand each client’s lifestyle, then seeks out a unique property that reflects their personality, letting himself be guided by their likes and dislikes. These skills culminate in a true industry expert who knows how to match a buyer to a property that fits their personality and exceeds all expectations. 

His passion, hands on approach, and unbeatable work ethic are unique and immediately evident upon meeting him. He personally takes on all calls and showings, and carries out each and every sale as though it was his own home.

When he is not introducing his clients to their dream home, Erez enjoys traveling, golf, horseback riding, and searching for the next best restaurant.

About Aminov